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No seriously if they don’t put Bayonetta in Smash Bros I’m flinging myself off a bridge.

A bridge very close to the ground…

Over a large, reasonably deep body water…

that’s not too cold preferably…

or a trampoline…

I wouldn’t want to hurt myself.


Yo I haven’t heard anything about the most important feature of smash brothers ever yet and if they don’t include it in the new one it’s definitely gonna fail

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So bayonetta 2 is gonna be wii u exclusive.

Smash Bros.


samus & bayo team up

extreme femdoom

Hell on Heels

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not gonna pretend i otherwise care about TIME magazine or celebrities in general but fuck them heartily for leaving lupita AND laverne off the 100 list. fuck them a lot

I REALLY wanna know their reasoning for this. Like, I want them to say why they fuckin did it

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So anon on /v/ did or posted an edit of the new Zero Suit Samus for Smash bros and… I can’t be alone here can I? I really like the edit.

900000000% better

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You know them kicks are about to be extra devastating now

So in an effort to give Zero Suit Samus some extra appeal they made her feet HUGE. I’m glad they kept me in mind there.

Already tired of eternal-porcelain-empress. When she finna delete?

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